Special brews for special crews! book us to brew for your party/special event! brews/spirits/cocktails/sodas custom taylored to your theme!

A tiny microbrewery in the Semi Permanent Autonomous Zone of San Francisco, dedicated to bringing a more refined craft brew to the revolution itself. crafter and purveyor of unusual intoxicants, brewing small runs for many different flavas of people. unique beer, mead, herbal elixirs, and soda selections are taylor made for your event!

most commonly found and consumed in the yay area at underground, renegade, free tekno type events

…..also enjoyed at every mutant fest……….

ickys : adjective :

  1. excessively sweet or sentimental.
  2. repulsive or distasteful.
  3. unsophisticated or old-fashioned.

ickys : place :

floating automous zone where a person can enjoy delicious spirits, original music, social neighbors, and a comfortable atmosphere.

see also : autonomous mutant festival, katabatik, 5lowershop, s.p.a.z., plague water…