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  • Literay Brews
    by (RevA) on February 18, 2020 at 1:03 pm

    Hi If there is a thread about this, sorry. I’m wondering if anyone has tried to recreate a brew from a book they have read that seemed interesting? Or from a tv show? For example in the Dresden Files Books (Jim Butcher) his main character drinks a Brown ale that is apparently amazing, but lacks many descriptions other than it shouldn’t be cooled too much, which probably means English style Brown ale. Which presents an interesting challenge. Or something like OLD DUSSELDORF form Magnum PI?

  • DIY BrewEasy
    by (jonestrada) on February 18, 2020 at 1:03 pm

    I’ve always been a fan of the Blichmann BrewEasy systems but never wanted to fork over the $2,200. Aside from the cost, I also didn’t enjoy that for a 10 gallon system, you had to use a 15 gallon mash tun and a 20 gallon boil kettle. This didn’t work for me because I bounce between 5 and 10 gallon batches and a 15 gallon mash tun would be too big for lower ABV, 5 gallon recipes. Back when I was using a brew basket, I realized that grill grate would sit perfectly on top of my 16 gallon Bayou…DIY BrewEasy

  • Fermentrack: Fermentation monitoring & BrewPi-www Replacement for Raspberry Pi
    by (Thorrak) on February 18, 2020 at 12:55 pm

    ​ I am proud to announce the release of Fermentrack – a web interface for fermentation monitoring and control. Fermentrack is a free, open source replacement web interface for BrewPi and enables the control of one or multiple BrewPi fermentation temperature controllers from a single web portal. It also integrates support for popular specific gravity sensors…Fermentrack: Fermentation monitoring & BrewPi-www Replacement for Raspberry Pi

  • “Northeast” style IPA
    by (Braufessor) on February 18, 2020 at 12:55 pm

    SPECIFICATIONS: OG 1.055 FG 1.011 IBU’s…… 30-35 from bittering, not sure of utilization from all the late addition hops. Perception is much more than 35 IBU’s though. SRM 4 ABV 5.3% – This is definitely more of a “session” IPA – but, the heavy late hops and full body really make it drink like a regular IPA without the 6-8%+ abv of a lot of the popular IPA’s and DIPA’sEdit: For those looking for recent versions, updates, and my most recent/current version of how I am…”Northeast” style IPA

  • Bootleg Biology OSLO
    by (duelerx) on February 18, 2020 at 12:55 pm

    I would like to start this thread for reports and experience of people using this yeast, according to BB Oslo is an unique Kveik yeast strain that is bottom-fermenting closely related to S. pastorianus, S. uvarum & S. bayanus and ferments at 98F/37C producing a beer that tasted like a nice, cold-fermented lager:Type: Bottom fermenter. Saccharomyces bayanus / pastorianus / uvarum monoculture… Bootleg Biology OSLO

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  • Corona mill vs. other brands vs. roller mill
    by /u/alecrippa on February 18, 2020 at 10:35 am

    Hi, I need a mill! I’m not sure if I should go for a Corona (or similar) mill or for a 2-rollers option. Coronal-like solutions are very cheap (although there are cheap and cheaper brands.. I cannot explain the price variability as they all look the same to me, but they go from 20$ to 60$) Roller-type mills are made of steel and possibly easier to fine-tune, but more expensive (80$-100$) I’m brewing BIAB, if that matters.. I hope you can help me decide 🙂 Thanks in advance AC submitted by /u/alecrippa [link] [comments]

  • Tuesday Recipe Critique and Formulation
    by /u/AutoModerator on February 18, 2020 at 7:12 am

    Have the next best recipe since Pliny the Elder, but want reddit to check everything over one last time? Maybe your house beer recipe needs that final tweak, and you want to discuss. Well, this thread is just for that! All discussion for style and recipe formulation is welcome, along with, but not limited to: Ingredient incorporation effects Hops flavor / aroma / bittering profiles Odd additive effects Fermentation / Yeast discussion If it’s about your recipe, and what you’ve got planned in your head – let’s hear it! submitted by /u/AutoModerator [link] [comments]

  • Daily Q & A! – February 18, 2020
    by /u/AutoModerator on February 18, 2020 at 7:12 am

    Welcome to the daily Q & A! Have we been using some weird terms? Is there a technique you want to discuss? Just have a general question? Read the side bar and still confused? Pretty sure you’ve infected your first batch? Did you boil the hops for 17.923 minutes too long and are sure you’ve ruined your batch? Did you try to chill your wort in a snow bank? Are you making the next pumpkin gin? Well ask away! No question is too “noob” for this thread. No picture is too tomato to be evaluated for infection! Seriously though, take a good picture or two if you want someone to give a good visual check of your beer. Also be sure to use upbeers to vote on answers in this thread. Upvote a reply that you know works from experience and don’t feel the need to throw out “thanks for answering!” upvotes. That will help distinguish community trusted advice from hearsay… at least somewhat! submitted by /u/AutoModerator [link] [comments]

  • Suggestions requested for low OG readings during brew.
    by /u/cworange99 on February 18, 2020 at 6:50 am

    I have been brewing for a couple years now but only recently moved from extract brewing to all grain. I made the move mostly because I bought a Robobrew electric kettle. I love the process and even though it’s technically more work doing all grain, the kettle makes brew day feel easier somehow. However, both batches have ended up light on the sugar I was able to extract from the grain. Original Gravity both times was about 1.030 vs the 1.042 target for the recipe. With the Robobrew kettle there’s nearly 2 gal of water lost to the false bottoms. So I started my measurements of about 1.5 quarts per 1 lb of grain after the 2 gal lost to the false bottom. That only left about 1.5 gallons left to sparge with for a 5 gallon batch. I’m guessing this is where the problem lies. However, I’m not certain about that and would love any suggestions or input before my next attempt. According to the recipe, the initial mash water plus sparge water should not excede 6.25 gallons which means I could theoretically sparge with up to a gallon more than I have done so far in these two batches. But the total quantity in the end should be 5.25 gallons and I just don’t find that much evaporates. So I have been reluctant to use that much sparge water but I suppose it could be beneficial and may try that next time. Thanks in advance for any advice. submitted by /u/cworange99 [link] [comments]

  • Help needed opening a plastic sanke keg
    by /u/redheadeddood on February 18, 2020 at 5:50 am

    I need some help opening this plastic sanke keg. I got it from work and it previously held kombucha and I want to open it and reuse it. I have depressurized it and need it opened. Help! submitted by /u/redheadeddood [link] [comments]